Financial Game Plan's home office is located in Cherry Hill, NJ with a remote office in Atlantic City, NJ. We carry licenses throughout the United States.  

 With 37 years of award winning financial and insurance experience, Mario Valori has helped hundreds of clients, families and businesses by offering a unique “Financial Game Plan”.

 Creating your unique “Financial Game Plan” includes six very important steps -

The first step 2 1

Determine Current Situation

Mario understands it’s critical to take the time to understand his clients and where they are financially in order to help them reach their future goals.

This step includes getting to know each other and finding a starting point by assessing your current financial situation.

The second step 2 2

Develop Your Goals

What are your priorities? Do you want to save more money for college, retirement or a house? Can we help you reduce your debt, credit cards, student loans or mortgages?

Should you have any life insurance? If so then what type is best for you, how much should you own and why?

What age do you want to retire? How can you get the highest income from your retirement savings? When should you start your Social Security Income? Do you know the taxes and penalties or costs for the wrong decision with Social Security?

Would you like to guarantee your principal yet have a chance for double digit investment returns? These are a few questions to start with.

The third step 3

Identify Courses Of Action

Mario’s ultimate goal is to educate his clients and provide them with the power to make an informed decision through education.

Step three involves Mario offering his experience by preparing several options while guiding his clients through this critical process.

Helping you understand will help give you the confidence to move forward to have a great Financial Game Plan.

The fourth step 4

Evaluate Alternatives

Evaluating your alternatives is where the Financial Coaching process is critical. Offering over 35 years of award winning experience, Mario is uniquely qualified to help his clients achieve a victory in the planning process.

Our coaches invest hours of research to make sure we identify your best options.

the fifth step 5

Implement Your Financial Game Plan

Together as a team, Mario and his clients jointly determine the best avenues to pursue.

Step five begins with deciding on the best Financial Game Plan or Benefit package that can provide for a client’s specific course of action to accomplish their goals.

the sixth step 6

Monitor & Review Your Performance

We will review your performance frequently. At a minimum, each year we will will schedule a review of your portfolio to see if any changes or updates are needed.

Life seems to have changes unexpectedly show up. Making small adjustments in your portfolio, your income stream or benefit package can be done easily and quickly.

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Who is quarterbacking your financial Game Plan?

Don't stand on the side lines, let the Financial Coach help you achieve your goals today.

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