Aflac Accident Advantage

Aflac pays cash directly to you when accidents occur

Provides cash to you to help you with unexpected costswhen an accident or injury occurs. Inclueds emergency/urgent/Dr office initial visits, hospitalization, surgeries, MRI's, CT scans, therapies, crutches and much more.

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The number 1 reason for bankruptcy is that people do not have enough money available to pay their expenses after a critical accident or illness occurs.

Aflac Cancer Insurance

At Staff Management Group, Aflac's Cancer Insurance is packaged with the Critical Inusrance Policy as a rider to keep costs down. 

Aflac Critical Illness Insurance

Protecting Your Family and loved ones, pays a lump sum of cash starting at $10,000. directly to you for the diagnosis. 

Covering Heart Attacks, Strokes, Paralysis, Coma, End Stage Renal failure, Major Human Organ Transplant and more.

Learn more, click here to see Aflac Critical Illness benefits in a brochure.

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Aflac Brochures

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Aflac offers several different products with multiple benefit levels such as option 1, 2, 3 and 4

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