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Over 37 years of experience:

Mario Valori & FGP Consulting has been providing employee benefits and  financial services since 1985.



FGP Consulting focuses on helping you increase your profitability. We are a consulting firm specializing in employee benefits, enrollment technologies, communication and education for your employees.

We also help design your business continuation plans. Additionally, we can evaluate your buy-sell agreement funding programs, both for upon death or disability.


FGP provides stock market crash proof investments that guarantee your principal and provide opportunities for double digit returns. For clients entering retirement, we assist them with a plan to meet their investment objectives and income needs.


We offer a full line of insurances: life, disability, medical, dental, vision medicare, long-term care, voluntary and group insurances.

We can assist you to receive your ERC from the government.

FGP has subsidies available to Public Sectors, Cities, Towns, Counties, Municipalities, Public and Private Schools, Universities, Unions, State and Federal governments.


FGP provides their clients with the best health rates available, provides a totally paperless process for benefits and onboarding services. Our platforms allow for a allow 24/7, 365 digital process for your employees.


In addition, we will build you a company benefit website and make an app for your employees to have all their benefit information at their fingertips.


We can provide one on one enrollment meetings for your employees. This improves employee engagement and understanding of all of your benefits.


We have an extra, value-added service benefit for eligible companie, such as Telemedicine or Identity Theft at no cost to you.





- Mario V., Founder, President & CEO



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Broker Partner Services

FGP will help you create a custom platform and solutions to fit your client's needs thus increasing their employees’ benefit satisfaction and engagement.

Including totally agnostic options as well as Aflac options for webinars, self-serve, online enrollment, virtual call centers and personal benefit consultations.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Offering Mini Financial Plans, Retirement &  Estate Planning, Life Insurance Analysis, Cash Flow Forecasts and Debt Reduction ideas.

Business Services

Business Services

Statutory Disability Insurance Benefit Programs, Group Insurance Benefit Pool Programs, Basic Group Insurances, Buy-Sell Agreement Funding, Key Person Programs, 401(k) & Retirement Plans.

Who is Quarterbacking

Who is Quarterbacking
your Employee Benefit Plans?

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What Our Clients Say

Carlino, Linda copy

Generational client for over 30 years

Linda Carlino

Mario has taken tremendous care of my mother's investments after my father passed away. Over the years he has made her income out perform the local Bank's safe investments. No matter if the market is up or down, we never worry how are money is doing. If you are similiar to us, that you want an advisor you can count on, service you frequently, give you great investments that meet your objectives and avoid probate then Mario is the advisor you should invite to meet with you.

Tony DiLeo 2 copy

NBA Basketball Coach

Tony DiLeo

As a coach, I understand having to plan a head. Mario has always planned a head for myself and my family. He has provided great guidance and wisdom in the areas of retirement planning, college savings programs, life insurance for short term as well as the long term and cash flow analysis. Mario takes the time to listen to look at our current situation, our objectives, what type of investments that we desire to develop a winning financial game plan. Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned veteran getting ready to retire, I highly recommend you recruiting Mario to be part of your team.


Clients for 15 years now Retired

Paul & Lois T

We have used Mario to evaluate our investemnts, long term care and life insurance programs for over 15 years. Our investments have performed extremely well even through market declines. We have consistently received 7% to 10% year in and year out without any risk to our portfolio's principal. We would highly recommend Mario as a trust worthy, ethical and service oriented advisor.

Vicki Bahr

Vicki & Mike Bahr

New client for retirement, cash flow anaysis, Social Security evaluation

We have known Mario since 2013 however we just became an investment client in 2018. When we decided to start planning our retirement we interviewed about five advisors. After hearing from all of them, it became clear that Mario wanted to do more than just invest our money. He wanted us to feel secure by learning everything about our financial picture then providing solutions that made us feel secure. So, not only did he provide the best investments for our needs, he laid out a detailed retirement plan. It includes everything that we needed to feel comfortable.  We feel that we are in good hands and we would highly recommend Mario.


Johnny "Midnight" Lerro

Retired Business Owner, Estate, Retirement, Investment Income Client since 1990

Mario has helped me in so many ways. It's rare that you want to tell people about someone but Mario is that kind of guy. He helped me accumulate my retirement savings and planned my father's estate distribution.  My investments are invested so that I receive high interest  without any chance of my money declining from any stock market downturns or corrections. He puts me in a position to be retired and not worry about my future finaces. I would absolutely recmmend that you meet with him to see if he can help you like he has helped me.

Richie Nardella

Richie Nardella

Insurance Client for 28 years

I met Mario almost 30 years ago when he first interviewed me about the Produce industry. Mario was always around and was attentive to not only my insurance needs but the whole produce market. I know that he helped many business owners with various insurance and benefit plans. He represented me vs an extremely large well known top insurance company when the basically lied to me about the program I bought. He won me over several hundreds of thousands of dollars. He would do the same for you. He is ethical, a straight shooter that will always have your best interest in mind. Mario stills insures myself and has represented many businesses down at the market.


Susan Tipton

Financial Planning, IRA rollover client



Mark Morris, Firmwide Managing Partner, Fox Rothschild, LLC

Business Services Client-Law firm offering Aflac Benefits

Fox Rothschild, LLC has  900+ lawyers and 500+ staff memebers accross the U.S. with 27 offices. We take great pride in offering our firm top notch benefit plans. We are very pleased to have Mario  heading up and communicating Aflac's programs to our firm. We feel they offer our employees additional benefits to provide for themselves and their families.